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Yesterday I hiked about two miles along the Illinois and Michigan Canal as part of a longer eight mile hike. This means that I have much more to explore along this historic path that leads from Chicago all the way to the Illinois River at La Salle-Peru. I had parked my car at a nearby park in Channahon, Illinois on the way home from my two day trip. I was able to squeeze in this eight mile hike before sunset and managed to return home just before 8:00PM.


On the way back to my car, while still along my hike, I passed cornfield. I couldn't resist taking a couple of kinda creepy photos.

SATURDAY IS WEIGH DAY....Once per week since December 24, 2014, I have weighed myself on Saturday morning.  When this little trip began, I weighed 309 lbs. Although my weight loss has stalled in recent weeks, I continue to walk (a lot) and I do feel as if I am in the best physical condition of my life. Considering that I am 13 months away from my 60th birthday, this means that when I should have been in peak physical condition in my late 20's, early 30's I wasn't.  Better late than never, yes?

TODAY, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15 my weight is 222.0 lbs.
I did drop three of the six pounds I added the week before...and all I had to do this week was walk a 26.2 mile marathon, fast for 24 hours during the Yom Kippur Jewish Holiday and walk every day.  Piece of cake. In fact, perhaps I would have lost more weight if I had not had a piece of cake. (or  multiple chocolate bars, or any of the other over-indulgences that I indulged)  But why complain?  At 222 lbs, I am down 87 pounds from the day I started on December 24, 2014. And this week a random stranger came up to me and told me how fit I looked.  And you know what, I agree with him. I think I look fit, and I know that I am fit(ter) than I have ever been. I think it is time for me to finish up today's blog and get out and take a hike...

Your Food Diary For:

Simple Super 8 Cinnamon Roll 310 48 15 4 550 25
Kellogg's - Frosted Flakes 220 54 2 2 280 22
Quaker - Grits - Instant - Original, 4 packet 400 88 0 8 1,240 0

930 190 17 14 2,070 47
Quest Nutrition Cookies & Cream Bar 190 20 9 21 210 1
Subway - Footlong Turkey Breast on Wheat 560 92 17 36 1,890 11
Whole Foods - Banana Chips 225 26 15 2 0 15

975 138 41 59 2,100 27
Costco - Bagel, 1 Bagel 350 73 3 13 770 8
Kirkland Signature - Smoked Salmon 125 0 9 12 584 0
Philadelphia Cream Cheese - Original 100 1 9 2 105 1

575 74 21 27 1,459 9
Hersheys Dark Chocolate Bar 500 28 38 9 100 11

500 28 38 9 100 11
Totals 2,980 430 117 109 5,729 94
Your Daily Goal 3,553 444 118 178 2,300 133
Remaining 573 14 1 69 -3,429 39
*You've earned 1,623 extra calories from exercise today
If every day were like today...   You'd weigh 208.4 lbs in 5 weeks


Cardiovascular Minutes Calories Burned
103 1,623

Daily Total / Goal 103 / 30 1,623 / 590  
Weekly Total / Goal 479 / 210 5,749 / 4,130             

Illinois and Michigan Canal

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The Illinois and Michigan Canal connected the Great Lakes to the Mississippi Riverand the Gulf of Mexico. It ran 96 miles (154 km) from the Chicago River in BridgeportChicago to the Illinois River at LaSalle-Peru. The canal crossed the Chicago Portage and helped establish Chicago as the transportation hub of the United States, before the railroad era. It was opened in 1848, its function was largely replaced by the wider and shorter Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal in 1900 and it ceased transportation operations with the completion of the Illinois Waterway in 1933.
Illinois and Michigan Canal Locks and Towpath, a collection of eight engineering structures and segments of the canal between Lockport and LaSalle-Peru, was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1964.
* * * * * * 
Today much of the canal is a long, thin linear park with canoeing and a 62.5-mile (100.6 km) hiking and biking trail (constructed on the alignment of the mule tow paths). It also includes museums and historical canal buildings. It was designated the first National Heritage Corridor by US Congress in 1984.

* * * * * * * * * *


llinois & Michigan Canal
History buffs, nature lovers and sportsmen will thrill to the sights and sounds of the 96-mile route of the Illinois and Michigan Canal. Along its banks are numerous state parks, restored historical sites, and abundance of wildlife and distinctive landscapes, ranging from bluffs to rolling hills. Visitors can follow the I&M Canal State Trail along the old towpath at Rockdale to LaSalle, experiencing 61.5 miles of scenic views and the Des Plaines and Illinois rivers. At every turn, trail users will find something of interest. One can spend an afternoon or several days exploring the wonders along this picturesque and unique area.
This canal provided the first complete water route from the east coast to the Gulf of Mexico by connecting Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River by way of the Illinois River. French explorers Joliet and Marquette recognized the value of this water route for navigation in the 1600s. It was used heavily by Native Americans and traders from this time until 1823 when Illinois created a Canal Commission to oversee design and construction of the I&M Canal. The canal was completed in 1848, at a cost of $6.5 million. It begins at the south branch of the Chicago River at Bridgeport and extends 96 miles to the Illinois River at LaSalle. Originally 60 feet wide and 6 feet deep, the canals 15 locks accommodate differences in elevation. Commercial traffic began immediately, with barges pulled by mules or horses walking on the towpaths. In 1933, the Illinois Waterway was completed and the I&M Canal was closed to navigation. Since then, the canal has been developed for recreation, with the addition of shelters and picnic areas and renovation of the tow path for hiking and bicycling. Interpretive programs and information centers are located at key locations along the trail.

State Parks along Canal
  • Channahon State Park is located in Channahon in Will County. The park is the site of two locks and a restored locktender's house. The park provides opportunities for picnicking, tent camping, fishing and canoeing. For interpretive programs or more information, visit the Channahon State Park Web site.
  • Aux Sable access area, 8 miles from Channahon, has an aqueduct, lock and locktender's house.
  • William G. Stratton State Park is located in Morris and provides public boat access to the Illinois River. Fishing is popular here, as well as picnicking.
  • Gebhard Woods State Park located in Morris and is bordered on the south by the canal, is 30 acres of slightly rolling terrain dotted with many stately shade trees. Spring brings a profusion of wildflowers, to the delight of park visitors. Songbirds, mallards, wood ducks, green herons and great blue herons can be observed as they feed or nest in the park and along the canal banks. Beaver, muskrat, mink, raccoon and deer also call Gebhard Woods home. The restored Nettle Creek aqueduct adds to the park's beauty. A visitor center, located in the park is a source for additional information on the area.
  • Buffalo Rock State Park is located 5 miles from the Fox River Aqueduct on the north bank of the Illinois River. Stand atop the sandstone bluff at the summit of Buffalo Rock and look upon a sweeping view of the Illinois River. Take advantage of one of several picnic areas popular for providing a shady respite from the sun, or visit a shelter with a fireplace on cool days. Visitors will feel a kinship with the Illinois Native Americans, former residents of the area, as they hike through the magnificent stands of oak, cedar and pine. Two American bison call Buffalo Rock home.

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