Tuesday, March 31, 2015


At 233 lbs I am getting close to entering the fourth quarter of my journey from 309 lb fat man to 195 lb thin man.  When I look in the mirror now, I see a reflection that I actually like.  Eight years ago, when I dropped from 300 lbs to 220 lbs (before I stupidly gained every pound back and tacked on nine more for 'good luck.') I appeared really thin at my lowest weight of 220 lbs.   For the past many years I couldn't stand looking at photos of myself from that period as I looked so good.  I also couldn't stand looking at more recent photos of myself as I looked so bad. It is no wonder that I was camera-shy.

At 309 lbs, I was not too interested in getting in front of  any cameras.
Anytime my photo was taken, the results were very painful to look at.

I am camera-shy no more.  I am proud of my accomplishment.  The day that I get down to 219 will be the first time that I have been there since the mid 1980's. That was 30 years ago!  Around that time, approximately 1985, I was actually down to 199 lbs (for about five minutes)   This time, my goal is to get to 195 lbs and stay there.  Even after losing 75 lbs since December 24, 2014 - I still have nearly 40 lbs to go. I am on my way - nothing will stop me.

On Saturday when I weighed myself, I admit I was disappointed that my weight loss was only 2 lbs for the week. It makes me nervous when I have eaten so little and only two pounds were shed.  I know that there are other factors at work. I think that each week my body is desperately trying to hold onto its fat cells as much as possible as the caloric intake is still so low.  However, when I review the chart of my progress over the last three months - I must also admit that my results have been in practically a straight line downward.  I have only weighed myself once per week over these past three months.  So, I never had the unfortunate situation where I have seen my weight bounce up a pound or two from one day to the other.  I know that this can happen - but I have negated it from happening by weighing myself only once every seven days.  I take much joy in reviewing this ski slope chart of my success.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

breakfast  two poached eggs, two slices turkey 'bacon'  cup oatmeal w/prune           355 calories
lunch        spinach salad with can albacore tuna & roma tomato                                 150 calories
dinner      Yellowfin Tuna burger, bowl CABBAGE SOUP, spinach tomato zucchini 318 calories

total calories consumed 823 CALORIES

5AM elliptical 32 minutes   475 calories


Monday, March 30, 2015


My daughter, Sara, 13 years old completed her "History Fair Project" and submitted it more than a week ago.  The theme of the paper was 'leadership.'   Her paper is titled: Sweet Home Chicago: "The Candy Capital of the World".   Sara (with some expert guidance from her Mom) worked on this for more than three months.  This project involved trips to the library, actually reading the books that were relevant, and an interview with Therese McDonald, the owner of Candyality, a local upscale candy boutique here in Chicago.  Her quote served as the last line of Sara's paper, "...candy is in Chicago's DNA..."

Sweet Home Chicago: The History of America's Candy Capital," was a look at the history of Chicago's candy industry. The exhibit was on display at Harold Washington Library during  2013.
I just read the completed paper for the first time yesterday.   Honestly, I was amazed how well thought-out it was and how easily it 'flowed'.   The history fair project is a country-wide competition for 7th graders.  Sara's paper was the only paper nominated from her school to advance to the city-wide competition.   This was announced on Thursday over the loudspeaker at school.  Now that I have read the paper, I must admit - I can easily see it advancing.   After the city-wide competition comes the state-wide competition in Springfield, Illinois.   Who knows how far this might advance?  It does not matter, I am immensely proud of my daughter for this accomplishment.

I have just read a paper exclusively about candy with an emphasis on chocolate.  The 10 page paper focuses on the leadership shown by Chicago in the innovations in manufacturing and distribution of candy during the last 100 years.  My accomplishment regarding this is straightforward.  After reading this - I managed to somehow continue to keep the willpower to not have any candy or chocolate!   I have lost 75 lbs in the past 96 days by avoiding all sweets.  So, for the time being, I will savor the sweetness of Sara's accomplishment.  This particular sweetness is very healthy and very low calorie!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


breakfast    three eggs sunnyside up, two slices turkey 'bacon'                              240 calories
lunch          lamb bratwurst, spinach salad w/tomato                                              340 calories
dinner         lamb bratwurst, spinach salad w/tomato, Thai Sweet Potato Soup    505 calories

total calories consumed   1085 calories

elliptical machine 32 minutes (first time 'resistance level' was set to '14') 506 calories


This store looks like they have lots of tasty treats... It will be a few more months before I want to sample any.
I have not given up candy and chocolate for the rest of my life - but I will learn 'portion control.'

Sunday, March 29, 2015


I have read the same thing in various sources.  As the government demonized 'fat' - the food industry responded by creating a billion dollar industry creating 'low-fat' and 'no-fat' foods.  Dumb Americans like me, always took some comfort in reaching for these alternatives - certainly they seemed healthier than the alternative.  The problem is, apparently 'fat' serves a few purposes.  Among them, fat gives taste and creates a sense of satiety after a meal.  Food companies still desired to sell food, so they took out the fat and loaded up on sugar.

Many 'low-fat' and 'no-fat' foods are even higher in calories than their 'fat' counterparts.  A food loaded up with sugar, does not provide a sense of satiety, in fact, quite the opposite, leads to more hunger.  It is a vicious cycle, and I was certainly riding it for the past many years. We need Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat for our body to operate efficiently. From what I have learned we need no sugar.  Zip. Zero. Nada. And yet, the sugar that Americans eat has risen sharply in decade for more than 100 years. It is virtually impossible to completely eliminate sugar from one's diet. Cutting out cookies, candy, ice-cream, and cakes is a good place to start.  Sugar is added to countless foods.  The trick is to keep it to a minimum.

When it comes to sugar, 'The Guess Who' said it best on their 1970 release, 'American Woman' which included the song: No Sugar Tonight.  Probably a good idea tonight, and every night.


breakfast    three sunnyside up eggs, two slices turkey 'bacon'                                240 calories
lunch         spinach salad w/roma tomato, 6oz. can pink salmon                              210 calories
dinner        1/4 lb lamb bratwurst, spinach salad w/tomato, chicken tortilla soup    495 calories
total calories consumed        945 calories

11AM elliptical machine 32 minutes        485 calories


Saturday, March 28, 2015


The song, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER was recorded by 'new wave' band, Blondie in 1978 for their album 'Platinum Lines.'   Rolling Stone Magazine has listed the song #298 on the list of all-time greatest songs.   It did make me laugh when my daughter, who was twelve years old at the time, insisted that the song was a 'One Direction' song.

Back on December 24, 2014 when I started my day and headed to the see the doctor for a 'wellness' exam, I weighed 309 lbs.  I was mired in obesity with no plan to escape.  Somehow during my visit, an imaginary switch was switched in my brain, and I decided that one way or another, I was going to change my life and lose weight.   After just two days of cutting out chocolate and fast food - on December 24, 2014 - this blog was born.  I knew then that I was going to plan to lose at least 100 lbs and that I would be successful.   I have not achieved that goal yet, and cannot announce complete success yet today....but I am well on my way.  One way or another,  I am going to lose more than 100 lbs and get into the neighborhood of 195 lbs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

233.3 lbs

I weigh 233.3 lbs.
I lost 2.1 lbs this week.
I lost 75.7 lbs in 94 days. Today begins Day 95.
I have lost 10 inches on my waist. 
My 42" waist pants are way too loose, and it almost seems as if I skipped size 40"
I have been squeezing into 38" waist pants this week...they are tight, but I am wearing them.
I will always be at the beginning of a journey that never ends.
I weigh 233.3 lbs. (94 days ago I weighed 309 lbs)
I have lost 24.5% of my weight since Dec 24.
I have lost nearly 1% of my weight since last Saturday!
I have had an another successful week losing 2.1 lbs.
I have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 31.21 (still Class I obesity)
I had a 42.0 BMI on 12.24.14 just 80 days ago (Class III obesity)
I will LIKELY 'graduate' from Class I obesity into simply 'overweight' within three weeks (224 lbs)
I have two words to describe how I feel right now - very happy.
...I know how to begin this week... 
32 minutes ELLIPTICAL...weight training will have to wait...
...my arms are still sore from earlier this week


breakfast  2 poached eggs, cup oatmeal, prune, strip turkey bacon, tbsp wheat germ  355 calories
lunch        JASON'S DELI SPICY SEAFOOD GUMBO (BOWL)                              301 calories          
dinner      spinach w/roma tomato, turkey sausage, bowl cabbage soup                       283 calories


7AM Chicago Home elliptical 32 minutes              450 calories


I have updated the photo that I had been using for linkedin.com

Friday, March 27, 2015


These ads for 'Charles Atlas' were ubiquitous in comic books in the old days. I was always a big guy, so I was not picked on too much that I can remember. But now that I have started to get involved at the YMCA with 'weight training' equipment... I have discovered that my entire upper body is very  weak. Dynamic Tension was the name Charles Atlas gave to the system of exercises that he first popularized in the 1920s.  I don't think that I am planning to hunt down the  'Charles Atlas Dynamic Tension Program' but I clearly have lots of work to do!

Thursday, was only the second day that I made an effort to do some 'strength training.'  I have a plan for my cardio workout before I get involved with the CYBEX machines.   I set the elliptical machine for 4:3 INTERVAL TRAINING SESSION, RESISTANCE=15, and INCLINE=15.   A short 15 minutes workout, plus a 5 minute cooldown generated an output of 269 calories.  As this becomes easier, I will continue to 'turn it up a notch.'

Thursday, I purposely tried three new machines that I had not sampled the day before: ARM CURL, ARM EXTENSION and LEG PRESS.   Each machine was set to 50 lbs.  The LEG PRESS was the easiest - I think my legs have the strongest most well-developed muscles in my body.  For nearly 3 months, they have been benefitting from the walking and elliptical workouts.  Before that, they were managing to support me when I was 309 lb.   The ARM CURL and ARM EXTENSION machines were a different story.   If I had any doubts about my upper body strength, they have been dispelled.  I am very weak.  I could barely finish my third set on either of these two machines.   I did try very hard, I am simply not strong enough.  In fact, after I (barely) finished my third repetition and got off the second machine, my arm was twitching and somewhat painful.  That signaled to me that 'strength training' for the day was complete.  OK, then, plenty of room to improve!

breakfast  two poached eggs, oatmeal w/prune, two strips turkey 'bacon'                   355 calories
lunch        spinach salad w/roma tomato, BOWL OF CABBAGE SOUP                   118 calories
dinner      turkey sausage, spinach salad w/roma tomato, BOWL CABBAGE SOUP 283 calories

total calories  756 CALORIES

20 MINUTES ELLIPTICAL (incline 15, resistance 15) 4:3 interval session     269 CALORIES
weight training   3 machines, 3 sets of 10 reps        CALORIES=?


Thursday, March 26, 2015


Yesterday I was invited back to visit a customer of who buys fabrics, trims and buttons from me.  I met them for the first time just five weeks ago.  I had told them back in February that I had recently lost 40 lbs.   This time, they did more than invite me back to their home for me to show them the various lines that I carry.  This time they invited me back for dinner.  It is a very high compliment for a salesman to be invited to share a homemade dinner with a customer.   This invitation to dinner came when my when my weight loss has now reached 70 lbs.  I had some trepidation about being a dinner guest as I did not want my aggressive low calorie daily intake to be sidetracked.  I agreed to be their dinner guest as long as they would be not be offended if I didn't eat too much.  I am not presumptuous enough to tell a host what I can or can not eat.  My friends, Kerri and Aaron prepared a feast of good tasting, healthy, low calorie foods.   It was the first gourmet meal that I have eaten since my weight loss journey began on December 24, 2014. The main attraction was Chilean Sea Bass, served with cauliflower, asparagus, beet slice and Quinoa.  I sampled everything.  I have conservatively estimated that the entire feast was approximately 400 calories.  It was an absolutely fabulous dinner!  Thank you,  Kerri and especially Aaron who did the cooking while Kerri was busy buying fabrics, buttons and trims.  What a great meal!

Chilean Sea Bass dinner - approximately 400 calories

breakfast   two poached eggs, cup oatmeal w/prune, two strips turkey 'bacon'         355 calories
lunch         spinach salad w/roma tomato                                                                      30 calories
dinner        Chilean Sea Bass, cauliflower, beet, Quinoa, fresh asparagus                 400 calories


40 MINUTES STRENGH TRAINING, 10 REPS, THREE TIMES ON THE MACHINES DEPICTED BELOW.   Each setting was set to 50 lbs.   Some of the reps were much harder to do that others.... It was my very first 'strength training' workout.    There is not an easy way to figure out how many calories were expended doing 'strength training.'   I will arbitrarily assign 100 calories for the session.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Before my workday began yesterday, I finally had an appointment with a fitness trainer at the local YMCA to get a 'tour' of all the CYBEX STRENGTH TRAINING MACHINES.   I think there were at least a dozen that I sampled today.  I am really a novice.  Without the instruction, I did have not had any idea how to do anything on these machines.  In some cases, it was barely obvious to me which way to face when getting ready to work the weights.

So, now, finally I have a clue how to proceed with my exercise regimen.   The trainer that worked with me today, suggested that I try to use the Strength Training Machines twice per week.   He suggested that I do a 15 minutes cardio session to loosen up first.  The suggestion was that I do three sets of 10 'reps' on four machines to get started.   As the tour progressed this morning, from one machine to the next, I heard the names of muscles that were completely unfamiliar to me.

This is clearly the next step for me.  Once I get more familiar with these machines I am sure that I will be able to create a challenging workout for myself.   Early today before my first appointment, I am going to head back to the YMCA and do some 'Strength Training.'


breakfast   two poached eggs, cup oatmeal w/orune, two strips turkey 'bacon'             355 calories
lunch        My wife sent me off today with a pre-made salad to eat 'on the fly'
                 Baby Spinach salad with PINK SALMON and Roma Tomato and egg       305 calories
dinner      Baby Spinach salad w/roma tomato, CABBAGE SOUP, Turkey Sausage    283 calories

total calories  943 calories

7AM elliptical machine 38 minutes  595 calories


I knew that I would not have any spare time between my visit at the YMCA for my CYBEX tour and my first business appointment.   I left my home 'armed' with a salad that I was able to 'eat on the fly.'

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

CYBEX should not be confused with CYBERDYNE.


In the future, CYBERDYNE will be responsible for manufacturing things like this:


Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I have gone from a casual coffee drinker who used to add three or four creamers on the rare occasions that I had a cup.  Since, December 24th when I flipped my life around, I have basically stayed away from coffee completely - that is, until now.

I was in a Bed, Bath and Beyond during the weekend and discovered Jordan's Skinny Syrups  (zero calorie sweeteners)   All kinds of flavors were available.  I selected vanilla.  I add one ounce of the sweetener to my coffee and it tastes delicious.  Of course, I do not use any creamer.  It is the first time that my taste buds have been exposed to something so sweet since December.  Coffee is a stimulant and I do believe that it stimulates the metabolism somewhat.  In addition, with my recent 'discovery' of the cabbage soup I have been somehow consuming even less calories the past few days.  (My wife, Jennifer, has already made the second batch of cabbage soup - our entire family finds it very tasty)    It might just be my imagination, but I am feeling thinner by the day, the past few days.   I know that that is ridiculous.  I guess I will find out on Saturday morning.

Jordan's Skinny Syrups - vanilla  0 CALORIES
Jordan's Skinny Syrups Nutrition Facts


breakfast  two poached eggs, cup oatmeal w/prune, two strips turkey 'bacon'    355 calories
lunch       chicken tortilla soup, baby spinach w/roma tomato,                             180 calories
dinner      baby spinach w/roma tomato, salmon burger, CABBAGE SOUP       233 calories

total calories   758 calories

630AM  elliptical 37 minutes   585 calories


dinner: spinach salad w/roma tomato, salmon burger, CABBAGE SOUP

Monday, March 23, 2015


As a big fat person, (and I think that when I walking around at 309 lbs I was over qualified for that moniker) I always saw thin people and I thought how lucky they were.  There might be some overweight people that are satisfied and at ease with their weight, but many millions are not.  I would guess that many fat people are at least a little bit jealous of the thin people that they see each day.

Is it really luck that explains why some people are fit and thin?  I know that I used to think that was the case. Surely that was a more emotional thought than a carefully reasoned one. It has recently occurred to me that thin people might be thin because they work at it.

~> I am guessing that thin people probably don't buy a family size box of M&M's at the cineplex and eat the whole thing before the 'coming attractions' finish and the movie begins.

~> I am guessing that thin people think there just might be more than one serving size in a pint container of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

~> I am guessing that even in the case where a thin person might actually go to a McDonalds or Burger King to eat a less than completely healthy meal - they don't augment it with a chocolate milkshake.

~> I am guessing that even if a thin person were to go to Costco to have a slice of pizza - they probably don't sample every single food at every single sampling station before they eat, sometimes more than once.

~> I am guessing that thin people might exercise more once per year.

~> I am guessing that thin people can enjoy a home-cooked meal without reaching for a second helping, or even a third helping.

~> I am guessing that thin people can actually stop at a gas station to fill their tank and use the rest room and manage not to buy two chocolate bars just because they walked past the candy aisle.

~> I am guessing that a thin person might enjoy a sweet snack from time to time - but does not need to have one every single night without fail (and sometimes more than once per evening)

~> I am guessing that a thin person might see the lack of wisdom in eating a high calorie snack, or any snack, 15 minutes before going to sleep at midnight.

~>I am guessing that a thin person knows to try to mostly avoid a thick rich creamy soup,  and if they do get such a soup, they probably don't get it in a bread bowl, and if they do get a soup in a bread bowl, they probably don't eat the entire bowl.

~> I am guessing that you have figured out that the above 'guesses' describe me as I was on the morning  of December 24th when I awoke and headed to the doctor's office for a 'wellness' exam.  By the time I returned home - I was no longer that person.  It is as if I 'flipped a switch' in my head.  I must insure that that switch is never be flipped back.

Thin people are not lucky.
Thin people make good decisions.

Pretty soon, people will look at me and (wrongly) think to themselves: 
'Wow, look at that guy, he's lucky he's so thin.'
They will be correct in assessing that I am thin.
They will be incorrect in assessing that I am lucky.
Luck will have had very little to do with it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

breakfast  two poached eggs, cup oatmeal w/prune, two strips turkey 'bacon'    355 calories
lunch       spring mix salad w/tomato, turkey sausage, cabbage soup                  283 calories
dinner      spinach salad w/chicken & tomato, cabbage soup                               253 calories

total calories consumed    891 calories

2PM elliptical machine 36 minutes     570 calories


dinner: spinach salad w/chunk chicken & tomato, cabbage soup  253 calories 

Sunday, March 22, 2015


I have started making a collection of all kinds of diet books which are so easy to find used for a dollar or less.  I enjoy flipping through them and finding nuggets of interesting information. Often an entire chapter can grab my attention.  Each book has something of great value to offer.  I have noticed that many of these book are filled with recipes. Another thing that I have noticed about the myriad of weight loss blogs that my fellow 'losers' publish is that they are often replete with all kinds of recipes. My blog has been bereft of a single recipe.  Until now.

I have a customer who is 81 years old and she tells me she is not quite 5' tall.  She had gained too much weight over the years and was having trouble with her mobility.  She told me that she started her weight loss in the beginning of December and had successfully shed nearly 30 pounds!  She has done this, she says without any exercise.  And when I first saw her in early February she was raving about this cabbage soup.  She says she has it twice per day.  That may be a little extreme. But should I judge?  I have been living on a 1000 calorie per day diet since December 24th.  Even my doctor who gave me the 'blessing' to continue said it was "a little extreme."

On Saturday afternoon, my wife, Jennifer went to the store with ingredient list in hand and purchased everything required to make this soup.   Jennifer whipped this up quickly and I must say it was absolutely delicious.   In fact, Jennifer has made every breakfast, lunch and dinner when I am home exactly to my specifications.  She has carefully measured every teaspoon, tablespoon and cup of everything that has been served to me.  I would never have been as successful without her tireless enthusiasm and help.  Thank you, Jennifer!


So...without further adieu....CABBAGE SOUP
(recipe comes from Divas Can Cook, Old School Living For The Modern Woman)

1/2 head of cabbage, chopped
1 cup of celery, diced
1 cup of white or yellow onion, diced
1 cup carrots, diced
1 green bell pepper, diced
2-3 cloves garlic, minced
4 cups chicken broth
14 oz. can basil, oregano, garlic diced tomatoes
1 teaspoon oregano
1 teaspoon basil
1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
few shakes of black pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt (optional)

 I N S T R U C T I O N S
 1. Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a large pot over medium heat.
 2. Add celery, onions, bell peppers, and carrots.
 3. Saute until slightly tender.
 4. Stir in garlic.
 5. Pour in chicken broth.
 6. Stir in tomatoes and cabbage.
 7. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat.
 8. Cook until cabbage is tender
 9. Stir in oregano, basil, red pepper flakes, black pepper and salt (optional)
10. Taste broth and adjust seasoning if needed.
11. Serve and enjoy!

Jazz it up by adding lots of spices, herbs and a variety of veggies.
Keeps well in the fridge for about 3 day.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


breakfast   cup oatmeal w/prune, two poached eggs, two strips turkey 'bacon'    355 calories
lunch        organic herb blend salad, 6 oz Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon (can)
                 chunky grilled chicken & sausage Gumbo Soup                                 330 calories
dinner       organic herb blend salad w/tomato & 2 cups CABBAGE SOUP       123 calories

total calories consumed     808 calories

3PM elliptical machine 36 minutes        550 calories


dinner: Organic Herb Blend Salad w/tomato, 2 cups CABBAGE SOUP  123 CALORIES

Friday, March 20, 2015


TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE: ANTHOLOGY 1971-1977 was a Rolling Stones album that included songs from the period of their 'Sticky Fingers' release in 1971 through their 'Love You Live' release in 1977.   This particular compilation was released only in Britain.  TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE was one of the songs on this album and it was originally released on 'It's Only Rock and Roll.' (1974)

I do think that I was lucky that I was able to reverse the course of my life before I ran out of time. A man walking around more than 100 lbs overweight who combines that lifestyle with a life without exercise cannot and should not walk around like he has all the time in the world.  It might be better to describe such a person as a 'time bomb' - ready to self-destruct at any moment.  This describes who I was on the morning of December 24, 2014.

Here is just the beginning lyrics from this beautiful melodic song written by Jagger/Richards:
Yes, star crossed in pleasure the stream flows on by
Yes, as we're sated in leisure, we watch it fly
And time waits for no one, and won't wait for me
And time waits for no one, and won't wait for me
Time can tear down a building or destroy a woman's face
Hours are like diamonds, don't let them waste
Time waits for no one, no favors has he
Time waits for no one, and he won't wait for me
There is true wisdom in the lyrics of this song.   Hours really are like diamonds and we should not let them waste.  If I had waited too long to reverse the course of my life, time would have caught up with me. The consequences of my level of obesity cannot be outraced forever - time would have caught up with me. My lifestyle change has been a true 'game-changer.'

Now that I am on my way to losing 100+ lbs,
perhaps it can be said: TIME IS ON MY SIDE

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

235.4 lbs

I weigh 235.4 lbs.
I lost 4.1 lbs this week.
I lost 73.6 lbs in 87 days. Today begins Day 88.
I have lost 9 inches on my waist. 
My 42" waist pants are getting loose and it is certainly time to start shopping for 40" waist.
My pair of 'Columbia' brand 40" waist pants now fit properly. 
A pair of 'LEE REGULAR FIT' 40" blue jeans I have are still way too tight.
For the past decade, I bought nothing but so-called 'relaxed fit.' (a euphemism for fat guy)
I wear a 16.5" neck shirt now, 87 days ago my neck was 18".
I will always be at the beginning of a journey that never ends.
I weigh 235.4 lbs. (87 days ago I weighed 309 lbs)
I have lost 23.8% of my weight since Dec 24.
I have lost 1.7% of my weight since last Saturday!
I have had an another successful week losing 4.1 lbs.
I have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 31.49 (still Class I obesity)
I had a 42.0 BMI on 12.24.14 just 80 days ago (Class III obesity)
I will LIKELY 'graduate' from Class I obesity into simply 'overweight' in three weeks (224 lbs)
I have two words to describe how I feel right now - very pleased.
...I know how to begin this week... 


breakfast  2 poached eggs, cup oatmeal, prune, strip turkey bacon, tbsp wheat germ  355 calories
lunch        spinach salad w/chunk chicken breast, tomato, chicken gumbo soup          320 calories           
dinner       salmon burger, spinach salad w/tomato, Tortilla Soup                                 285 calories


7AM Chicago Home elliptical 35 minutes              550 calories


Do you need further proof that Time Waits For No One?  Keith Richards and Mick Jagger can provide it with the following photographs.

People age.  Time Waits For No One.  Keith Richards.  Then.  Now.

Mick Jagger nearly 50 years ago.  Mick Jagger much more recently.
Mick, not even one grey hair?  I guess only your hairdresser knows for sure.


When I started my weight loss journey I completely believed that it was ONLY calories that counted.  Certainly calories do count.  I have now learned that ALL CALORIES WERE NOT CREATED EQUAL.   I have learned that carbohydrates cause the body to produce insulin.

This definition came directly from wikipedia:
Insulin regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats by promoting the absorption of glucose from the blood to skeletal muscles and fat tissue and by causing fat to be stored rather than used for energy.
The more carbohydrate consumption increases, so does insulin production increase.  Insulin causes fat to be stored - not burned for energy.  I think that I have had the success that I have had, as I have greatly reduced by carbohydrates simply by limiting calories.    With a 1000 calories per day diet, there is not too much room to be loading up on carbohydrates.

Now that I am aware of this, I will be ever more vigilant in the future to insure that my carbohydrates are kept to a minimum.   This will be just as important, once I get down to my desired weight and increase my daily calorie consumption to 2400 calories per day which are enough calories to maintain a weight of 195 lbs.   CARBS DO COUNT.   They are not to be completely avoided - but one does not want to overdo it.

I can think of many times, sitting in a restaurant and practically eating a half loaf of bread before my meal arrived.  Those days are over.  Once I get down to 195 lbs - I intend to stay there!


breakfast     three small apples                                                                       165 calories
lunch           SUBWAY double chicken spinach salad w/tomato & onion     220 calories
dinner         sirloin soup, turkey burger, spinach salad with tomato              360 calories

total calories consumed  745 CALORIES

630AM elliptical machine 40 minutes 325 calories


dinner: turkey burger, spinach salad w/tomato, sirloin burger soup 360 CALORIES

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Yesterday, March 18, was the 85th day since I made a snap decision to reverse the direction of my life with regards to my overall health.  Eighty-five days have passed and I have managed to avoid any sweet treats.  I have committed to eating breakfast, lunch and dinner...and that's it.  I have not had a snack in nearly 3 months. A couple of things continue to amaze me about this - and that is, that I am not craving anything in this arena.  I do not plan to go through the rest of my life completely avoiding chocolate.  I do not plan to go through the rest of my life never having a snack. Nevertheless, for the past 85 days, I have not even snacked on a healthy fruit, vegetable or nut.  I was a guy, who is embarrassed to admit that I might have had 5 or 6 different high calories snacks in any given day prior to December 24.  And I don't know, maybe I had more - I am sure that I did not have too many less.

A quick snack that costs just $1.50 - the cost to your health is exorbitant.
'nutritional' information for the 'Little Debbie' CRUNCH DONUTS
'nutritional' information for the 'Little Debbie'  NUTTY BARS

Although I have not had any cravings for all the cakes, cookies, and chocolate bars that I was eating seemingly 24 hours per day, I do occasionally pick up one of these snacks to examine their 'nutritional information.'  (Nutritional information for a chocolate bar is an oxymoron if there ever was one.)

Yesterday, while shopping I passed a display of 'Little Debbie' brand snacks.  Each of the two 'treats' was priced at just 75 cents each.   The two snacks together would set you back just $1.50. That would be a very expensive $1.50 with regard to all those empty calories.

NUTTY BARS                  460 CALORIES      CARBS 49 GRAMS      SUGARS 30 GRAMS 

840 CALORIES!   THIS IS VERY CLOSE TO THE TOTAL THAT I HAVE BEEN CONSUMING EACH DAY FOR THE PAST 85 DAYS!  In fact, yesterday, I had breakfast lunch and dinner and consumed only 860 calories.

As you can see, this is an amazingly stupid way to spend $1.50,  and yet I used to do it all the time.  I can not change history, but I can chart the course of my future.

The mystery is NOT how I became 309 lbs - the mystery is how I didn't become 400 lbs.

I am a lucky man.  I am lucky that I stopped eating like this before it was too late.

I will take the advice of both of my brothers.  They are both fit, thin, and healthy.  They both will have a chocolate or sweet treat from time to time.  But they make it count. They eat the finest chocolates and gourmet desserts.  I do not think either one of my brothers has eaten a snack like a 'Little Debbie' in at least a decade, most likely even longer.


breakfast  SUBWAY SUNRISE MELT (turkey, ham, bacon & egg wrap)    240 calories
lunch        PANERA  cup turkey chili, 1/2 smoked turkey breast sandwich   410 calories
dinner       SUBWAY double chicken spinach salad w/tomato & onion         220 calories

total calories consumed   860 calories

630AM  SUPER 8 ELLIPTICAL MACHINE  40 minutes     553 calories

Wednesday Net Calories    307 calories


Wednesday, March 18, 2015


In recent weeks, as I have already lost 69.5 lbs, on the way to a minimum 100 lbs weight loss, I have heard something more frequently.

My cousin, Robin, in Canada commented that I now look much more like my father.
My childhood friend, Stephen, in England commented that I look now like he remembers my Dad.
My neighbor, Rivka, commented that she sees the family resemblance between my daughter and me.

I myself, can look in the mirror and 'see' my Dad staring back at me.

This was my Dad in 2002, at the time he was approximately 75 years old.

This is me, age 57, only 18 years younger than my Dad was in the above photo.  I didn't say we were identical twins...at least we look like we were related!   And even in this picture, at 239 lbs,  I am still approximately 50 lbs heavier than my Dad  was then in the above photograph.  When I was 309 lbs, I resembled Jabba the Hut

Jabba the Hutt (Star Wars)   I do prefer the way I look these days.

I do not believe that it was God's intention that I should walk around looking like Jabba the Hut.

I do believe that I am beginning to look the way that God had originally intended for me.

My eating habits, successfully subverted God's original blueprint for myself - but I am in the middle of reversing that.  AND IT FEELS GREAT!

That 309 lb guy that visited the doctor on December 24th, was not the 'me' that I was supposed to be.



breakfast  TRAVELODGE two scrambled eggs with one sausage patty               256 calories
lunch        SUBWAY           double chicken spinach salad w/tomato & onion       220 calories
dinner      APPLEBEE'S     grilled chicken caesar salad (without dressing)          370 calories

total calories consumed   846 CALORIES

6AM TRAVELODGE ELLIPTICAL MACHINE  40 minutes     553 calories

net calories  293 CALORIES

Travelodge Breakfast: scrambled eggs, one sausage patty
approximately 250 calories
APPLEBEE'S grilled chicken caesar salad (no dressing)  370 calories.
Without the dressing, I promise this still tasted quite delicious and fulfilling.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


As I reported on March 4th, I recently discovered the CUT THE FAT podcast available on Apple iTunes.   On the CUT THE FAT podcast,  Episode 28, The 12 Principles of Fat Loss - Part I (originally released October 7, 2010)  I heard something which I thought was very interesting from one of the hosts, Dr. Ray Hinish.

Dr. Hinish was talking about the three 'settings' that our stomach has.


He explained that the sensation of 'starving' is the same whether you have not had a meal in 8 hours or not had a meal in 24 hours.  He said, "Once you reach the starving level, you just can't get any hungrier."  If you think about it, it is true.

He defined the 'stuffed' level as the condition where if one were to eat more, they might actually vomit.  This is the level that too many of might agree we reach at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Looking back, I was apparently striving for this level everytime I went back for 'seconds' (or 'thirds') at home, or went to any buffet or all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant.  I was never satisfied, changing my hunger from 'starvation' to full - I always went further.  I did actually eat until I could literally eat no more. It didn't matter how full I was, when there is free food, or unlimited food on hand - I wanted 'my share'. This is very destructive behaviour and I will not be behaving that way anymore.

The level, 'I'm full, but I can eat more' is self-explanatory.   We must train ourselves to stop eating when we are full, when we are sated.  This is an area where I used to be woefully inadequate.  The trick to eating (and it is not a trick at all) is simply to stop eating when we are satisfied. And it is important to feel satisfied long before we are stuffed.   

Wisdom often seems so much like common sense.  However, if this particular wisdom was common, the vast majority of overweight and obese people walking around would be a lot thinner.  

Two ways to insure that we are satisfied long before we stuff ourselves is to:

EAT SLOWLY - It takes twenty minutes for the stomach to signal to the brain that it has been satisfied.

PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR MEAL WHILE YOU ARE EATING IT - distractions block satiety signals to the brain.

Dos Equis spokesman, 'The most interesting man in the world'  


glut·ton·y   ˈɡlətnē/
noun     habitual greed or excess in eating.
  1. synonyms:greed, greediness, overeating, gourmandism, gourmandizing, voracity, insatiability;
    informal piggishness "the gluttony you displayed last evening was reprehensible"

HOMER SIMPSON being physically removed from an ALL YOU CAN EAT SEAFOOD RESTAURANT as he simply would not stop eating. He sued the restaurant.  On the witness stand, Homer's wife, Marge, had to tearfully testify that after being tossed out of the ALL YOU CAN EAT SEAFOOD RESTAURANT - HOMER WENT FISHING!  (There might have been a couple of times when a restaurant might have wanted to kick me out - although it never did actually happen to me.)


breakfast  cup oatmeal w/prune, two turkey sausages, two poached eggs           360 calories
lunch       JASON'S DELI SPICY SEAFOOD GUMBO - BOWL                      301 calories
dinner      JIMMY JOHN'S  #14 bootlegger club unwich w/mustard                  280 calories

total calories consumed   941 calories

6AM  home elliptical machine 35 minutes    450 calories


I was particularly out of control at a buffet.  I virtually never considered a meal complete until I was stuffed. It all seems so ridiculous now. 
This cartoon captures my old self only too well.
FLYING BUTTONS...so appropriate for me as I am a button salesman!

(My wife, Jennifer, found this excellent cartoon. Thank you, Jennifer)

Why does this bear look so angry?