Monday, June 20, 2016


Yesterday with the temperatures hovering in the mid 80's our family got up early and headed to the flea market. The day started when I received my Father's Day gift from my wife and daughter. They special ordered a baseball cap from my daughter's new high school. Sometimes my daughter is reticent about taking pictures with me - but she willingly helped me model my new gift.
Sara has already signed up for the cheerleading squad, so it appears that I will have the proper headgear to wear to any football games that I attend to watch my girl in action.
I am looking forward to putting a lot of 'miles' on this cap over the next four years as I root for the Payton Prep Grizzlies.
Since I knew that I was not going to have an opportunity to have a traditional workout on Sunday, I took extra advantage of the walking at the flea market. Every single aisle was walked in two directions, only focusing on one side to see what the vendors were offering. When the day was complete, I had managed to walk 4 miles (albeit at a pace a bit slower than normal) and the best treasure found was a new set of chess pieces to replace the broken pieces that we were currently struggling with.
Normally, I can traverse 4 miles in about 52 minutes. A stroll along aisles and aisles of flea market vendors is not about  speed.  This four mile trek took three and one half hours.

After we finished the flea market, I split from my family for a moment to meet them at Culver's for lunch. The Culver's is located in the outlet of Target just next to the Allstate Arena Flea Market.

Your Food Diary For:

Sunday, June 19, 2016
BREAKFAST Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
Grits - Grits, 2 packet 200 44 3 4 620 2
Hot Dog With Bun (3) 900 73 55 33 2,097 12

1,100 117 58 37 2,717 14
Culvers - Butterburger (2) 720 78 32 40 1,020 12

720 78 32 40 1,020 12
Subway - Footlong Steak and Cheese 760 96 20 52 2,060 16

760 96 20 52 2,060 16
Helados Mexoco - Coconut, 1 bar 230 27 13 4 95 17
YOGURT PRETZELS 380 56 0 4 360 38

610 83 13 8 455 55
Totals 3,190 374 123 137 6,252 97
Your Daily Goal 2,674 334 89 134 2,300 100
Remaining -516 -39 -34 -2 -3,951 2
Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
*You've earned 744 extra calories from exercise today         

       Your Exercise Diary for:

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cardiovascular Minutes Calories Burned
211 995
Ic_i N/A -251

Daily Total / Goal 212 / 30 744 / 590  
Weekly Total / Goal 1271 / 210 13,738 / 4,130             
My daughter Sara was complaining about the heat up until the time that I showed her the weather forecast for Riverside, California where her cousins live. Sara will be visiting for a few days in August. Perhaps, by then a new cooling trend will prevail in that part of the country. Temperatures usually cool down in August, yes?

After I shared the Riverside, California forecast with my daughter,  it just didn't seem quite so hot at the flea market!


It is of course ridiculous to point to a city in a desert, during the summer, which is experiencing particularly hot weather and blame it on global warming. But this unlikely will stop the New York Times 'scientists' or the nitwit politicians on the left from making these claims.  However, you might be surprised to find that the 'globe' is a very big place.  Here is the weather forecast in Antarctica for the next week. Don't expect any of the polar icecaps in the southern hemisphere to be melting for at least the next week.

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