Wednesday, November 11, 2015


OK, I know what you are thinking.... Maclura Pomifera?  What the heck is Macular Porifera?  That's why I am here today.   To tell you all about Maclura Pomifera.

On Tuesday morning, I returned to the Lake in the Woods Forest Preserve in Mahomet, Illinois.  On Monday I was there at sunset.  Yesterday, I visited the more natural part of the preserve, this time at pre-dawn.  I parked my car precisely where I had parked it the day before.  This time I spent all my time on the western side of the preserve.  It was not too long before I spotted some very odd looking softball sized freaky looking round balls on the trail.  These were something that I had never seen before.  I made a mental note where on the trail I found these so that I might go back and investigate later.  In the course of my 10 mile walk through the forest preserve, there were multiple places where these round balls were found along the trail.  I had no idea what these were.  I picked one up, I stuffed it in my backpack and a few miles later I came across a couple walking their dogs and I asked them if they knew what this was.  They did.  They told me that they were called HEDGE APPLES.

The nice thing about walking/hiking through the woods in the year 2015 is that one travels with complete and total access to the all the information in the world in the palm of your hand.  I googled Hedge Apple and found that the scientific name for this is MACLURA POMIFERA.  These Hedge Apples, the fruit of the Osage-Orange Tree are said to be kept by folks as an insect repellant.  The female trees produce this odd looking fruit.  These hedge apples can be between 3 and 5 inches in diameter.  They ripen in September and October and then fall to the ground.  During my hike there were very few fruits still in the trees.  They were all along the trail.  The hedge apple is not an important food source for wildlife.  The theory that hedge apples can be used as a insect repellant are widely believed, although not true.

The last thing that I want to share with my readers about hedge apples are the many colorful names that these fruit are known: HEDGE BALL, HORSE APPLE, GREEN BRAINS, MONKEY BALLS, and MOCK ORANGE.

This is why I am a walker/hiker these days.  This is why I have discovered a new hobby: walking outdoors.  It is because I am seeing all kinds of things that I never knew existed.

My walk started just before sunrise and there was a distinct chill in the air. I was prepared with my ski cap and leather gloves.  It did not take long for me to warm up as I was zipping along haphazardly following the many different trails in the forest preserve.

The last four miles of my ten mile walk took me north outside of the forest preserve, then eastward and finally south along the highway until I returned to my origin point where my car was parked.


Your Food Diary For:

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

BREAKFAST Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
Great Value - Cereal Crunchy Oat Squares, 1.5 cup 240 52 3 6 280 12
Quaker - Instant Original Flavor Oatmeal, 4 pack 400 76 8 16 300 0
Banana - One Piece - Banana (One Whole), 100 g 120 20 0 1 1 15

760 148 11 23 581 27
KROGER 54535 - VEGGIE CHIPS, 100 g (approx 1/2 cup) 460 78 14 4 440 14
KROGER 54060 - SOY NUTS, 63.5 g (approx 1/2 cup) 305 18 17 23 140 4
Wasa - Crisp'n Light 7 Grains, 24 Crackers 560 112 4 16 720 8

1,325 208 35 43 1,300 26
Campbell's Chunky - Manhattan Clam Chowder, 2 cup 240 36 6 10 1,600 6
Sage - Red Delicious Apple, 2 medium apple 190 50 1 1 4 38

430 86 7 11 1,604 44
General Mills - Nature Valley - Oats 'n Honey Crunchy Granola Bar, 2 bars 190 29 6 4 160 12
KROGER 90078 - BANANACHIPS, 50 g (approx 3/4 cup) 270 31 15 1 0 6
Cheerios - Dry, 2 cup cereal 200 40 4 6 320 2

660 100 25 11 480 20
Totals 3,175 542 77 88 3,964 117
Your Daily Goal 3,563 445 118 179 2,300 133
Remaining 388 -97 40 90 -1,664 16
Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar


       Your Exercise Diary for:

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cardiovascular Minutes Calories Burned
Walking, 4.5 mph, very, very brisk pace 140 1,834
MFP iOS calorie adjustment Ic_i N/A -201

Daily Total / Goal 141 / 30 1,633 / 590  
Weekly Total / Goal 281 / 210 3,328 / 4,130



fitbit day 69
40016 steps


I guess today, you could have called me "LITTLE GREEN RIDING HOOD"   Actually, there may be many days in the coming weeks when I will be wearing my snug, warm, zippered green hoodie.  Anyway, here are a few scenes from the trail yesterday.

It was a bit chilly at 6:30AM when I set out for my ten mile walk...I tried to take a photo of my breath.

The shadow on my face is from my iphone as I took this selfie looking in the direction of the sun

My shadow follows me everywhere... 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


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