Thursday, December 10, 2015


My week started with me feeling faint, weak, chilled, and with a two day headache.  I assume it was the aftermath of dealing with all the issues that come up when a family descends on your town for a party.  The party, the Bat Mitzvah, in the end, went off without a hitch.  Proof positive that there is a God. (unnecessary proof, at least for me, as I was previously convinced)  I can only assume that by the time the week concluded, and my last guests were dropped off at the airport,  that I was a man running only on fumes.  Two days of sleeping, curled up in a bed early at night and late into the morning has apparently recharged my batteries.  I am back. I feel great.  And yesterday was a day to get back to basics.

First time in a long time that I had breakfast well under 700 calories
First time in a long time that I had a lunch that was under 300 calories. (my schedule did not allow time for a proper lunch)
First time in a long time that I visited a local YMCA.
First time in a long time that I hopped onto an elliptical machine.
First time in a long time that I worked out for two hours indoors in a climate controlled environment.
First time in a long time that I had a low calorie meal at Jason's Deli. (a favorite place to eat)
First time in a long time that my daily caloric intake was below 1500.
First time in a long time that I had a day much like the days when I was dropping weight so quickly.
First time in a long time that I had an entire day that was basically 'BACK TO BASICS'.

delicious low calorie, dinner at Jason's Deli

Seafood Gumbo Bowl, Turkey Wrap: Grand Total ---> 620 calories

Your Food Diary For:

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

BREAKFAST Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
Quaker Oats Oatmeal Apples & Cinnamon 640 132 8 16 800 48

640 132 8 16 800 48
Nature Valley Crunch Granola bars - 2 190 29 6 4 160 12

190 29 6 4 160 12
Jasons Deli Spicy Gumbo -1 bowl 230 26 8 12 1,710 3
Jason's Deli - Turkey Wrap, 1 Wrap 390 42 17 23 1,080 5

620 68 25 35 2,790 8
Totals 1,450 229 39 55 3,750 68
Your Daily Goal 3,323 415 110 167 2,300 124
Remaining 1,873 186 71 112 -1,450 56
Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
*You've earned 1,393 extra calories from exercise today         
Cardiovascular Minutes Calories Burned
MFP iOS calorie adjustment Ic_i N/A -99

Daily Total / Goal 131 / 30 1,393 / 590  
Weekly Total / Goal 133 / 210 1,479 / 4,130             


It was the first time in weeks that I used an elliptical machine.  The maximum setting at this particular YMCA was 60 minutes.  Honestly, I wasn't sure that I would have the stamina to complete an hour.  Quite a silly worry, it wasn't like I have been sitting around for these past few months.  My first session, I worked out at a healthy speed and resistance and inclination that allegedly burned 690 calories.  And for the second session which I started after about 3 minutes of rest and enough time to grab a drink of water,  I was able to step it up a notch, or two and allegedly burn 802 calories.  I guess an elliptical machine is very much like riding a bicycle - you never forget.  And as long as you are still 'in shape' there are no problems.  Still not quite as interesting as being in the great outdoors.  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

total calories consumed 1450 calories
total calories burned (130 minutes elliptical) 1492 calories
total net calories 42 calorie deficit

fitbit day 98
15469 steps

Finally, after two days of the personal 'humiliation' of logging only 5000 steps, which required marching in place at 11:30PM to even to achieve that lame total, I returned to respectability.   Again, I repeat, a day under 5000 steps is much like a day lying in bed all day, getting up only to visit the refrigerator and or use the bathroom.  It may not be exactly like that - but it surely is close. I suppose that ultimately it depends how close your refrigerator and/or bathroom is to your bed!



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