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When I lived in Long Island, I often took the LIRR (Long Island Railroad) from the city (Manhattan) back home to Lynbrook.  One would board a train in Penn Station, underneath the world famous Madison Square Garden, and the train would head east.  Shortly after the train departed, a voice over the loudspeaker would announce its destination, for example Babylon, and for all other destinations one would have to 'change at Jamaica (Jamaica, Queens).

Jamaica Station, Queens, New York (Long Island Railroad)

I have personally been on my own tracks since last December, 24th, 2014. I have reached my 'Jamaica' and it is time to change tracks.  Early this year, my interim destination was to lose something in the neighborhood of 100 pounds. I have arrived at this point.  In recent weeks, I have found it personally interesting to revisit some of my earlier posts on this blog.  This was my post from last January that was very dryly titled INTERIM & LONG TERM GOALS.
The long term goal is simple.  Look healthy and be healthy.   My goal is to lose a lot of weight that I don't need to be carting around.   So far, I have 'only' lost 15 lbs.  My father had an excellent way of explaining just how much that really is.  He suggested going to the grocery store and picking up a piece of meat that weighed 15 lbs.   Carry that around all day, or all week - and then you can answer the question whether 15 lbs is a big deal or not.  I am convinced that my initial success has been dramatic and meaningful.   I think my knee does not hurt any more when I wake up in the morning - Is that real? Is it my imagination?  My goal is to lose something in the neighborhood of 100 lbs from my position at the starting line on December 24, 2014.  In order to lose 100 lbs, I will have to lose one pound at a time.  One interim goal would be the ability to shop at COSTCO.   This store, and most retail stores don't stock trousers or blue jeans for those with a 50 inch waist.   Costco 'only' caters to those 'svelte' individuals with a 44" waistline.  Even that goal might be nearly forty pounds away.   I will have to get to 44" before I get to 40" or 38."  I recently stumbled upon a decade old article on WebMD that explored the seemingly preposterous idea that health secrets could be divined from the members of the Rolling Stones. This article claimed that Mick Jagger has a 28" waist.   That is not my goal.
I will assume that it is not quite as fascinating for you, my readers, to re-read these old posts from the past.  I promise you, for me, it is amazingly fascinating.  This post, duplicated above reminds me where I was one year ago.  After initially losing 15 pounds, I was still only dreaming about having the opportunity someday to shop at Costco.  I no longer 'dream' of shopping at Costco. In fact, now that I actually can shop at Costco, I do not.  I prefer to find nice clothing with a bit more flair.  I find it much more fun to shop at a place like Banana Republic.  The real point is, these days, I can shop anywhere. One year ago,  I could shop nowhere.


As the new year approaches, now only 18 days away, I will try to change my mindset.  I will need to mentally, 'change at Jamaica.'  I need to hop aboard a new train.  I need a new destination.  I need new goals.


1. DO NOT TRAVEL BACKWARDS.  Is it inevitable that a person can tack on 5 lbs, 7 lbs?  Likely, it is.  When that happens.  I need to quickly apply the brakes and reverse course.

2. 200 lbs. The next logical stop on my journey is to join my fellow citizens who weigh 200 lbs, not 200+ lbs.

3. 190+ lbs. When I arrive at 200 lbs, I will be eager for the next stop which is the world of 190+ lbs.

4. Know when to quit.  I do not aspire to look like Mick Jagger, I am too tall anyway.  And way too young!

5. Continue exercising.  This is hardly a goal anymore, as its importance has become part of who I am.  Now that I have 'recently' discovered walking as exercise, it is re-assuring that I have an effective exercise that I will be able to do for the rest of my life.  I may have to adjust my speed, but the option of walking will always be there waiting for me.

After driving my wife and daughter  to the Eckhart Park Pool for  a swim meet, I drove the car back to the Honda Dealership for a scheduled oil change. After dropping off my car,  I walked back to Eckart Park to watch my daughter swim.  In order to make this a 3 mile walk, I had to walk a bit in the field before I entered the pool. After the swim meet, I had to walk back to the Honda Dealership.  I found a different way to walk.  The goal was to make create two three mile walks - I was successful


Your Food Diary For:

Saturday, December 12, 2015
BREAKFAST Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
Starbucks - Reduced-fat Turkey Bacon Sandwich, 1 sandwich 230 28 6 13 560 3
Cheerios - Cheerios, 4 cup (28 g) 400 80 8 12 560 4

630 108 14 25 1,120 7
Sage - Red Delicious Apple, 2 medium apple 190 50 1 1 4 38
Kind - Fruit & Nut - Almond & Coconut, 1 bar  190 21 12 3 25 12

380 71 13 4 29 50
Campbell's Manhattan Clam Chowder, 2 cup 240 36 6 10 1,600 6
Pampa - Asparagus Spears, 375 g 45 6 0 6 1,020 0

285 42 6 16 2,620 6
Van's - blueberry walnut granola clusters 390 57 15 6 90 18

390 57 15 6 90 18
Totals 1,685 278 48 51 3,859 81
Your Daily Goal 3,899 487 130 195 2,300 146
Remaining 2,214 208 82 144 -1,558 65
Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
*You've earned 1,969 extra calories from exercise today         .

       Your Exercise Diary for:

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cardiovascular Minutes Calories Burned
Walking, 5.0 mph 35 700
Walking, 5.0 mph 36 659
MFP iOS calorie adjustment Ic_i N/A 310

Daily Total / Goal 87 / 30 1,969 / 590  
Weekly Total / Goal 479 / 210 6,734 / 4,130

total calories consumed 1685 calories
total calories burned (6 miles walking, 15 min elliptical) 1659 calories
total net calories 26 calories

fitbit day 101
23357 steps

This postcard, which was mailed in 1910, depicts Lynbrook Long Island Railroad Station. By the time that I was growing up in Lynbrook, the station had already been renovated a bit!

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