Monday, December 7, 2015


noun de·noue·ment \ˌdā-ˌnü-ˈmäⁿ, dā-ˈnü-ˌ\
: the final part of something (such as a book, a play, or a series of events)

Full Definition of DENOUEMENT

:  the final outcome of the main dramatic complication in a literary work
:  the outcome of a complex sequence of events

The weekend has passed.  My daughter is Bat-Mitzvah.  40 Kids converged at our Synagogue to witness my daughter's ascension as a an adult within the Jewish Community.  Out-of-town guests converged from across the United States to be witness as well.  My close traditionally religious Jewish friends who could not be part of the service as they had their own services to attend  - even they showed up at my evening party precisely when they were invited to share some l''chaims. They could not eat (most) of our food as it was not Kosher.  Some Kosher cookies were purchased, and Maker's Mark Bourbon and Grey Goose Vodka are kosher - so there were no issues there.  I cannot properly express the joy I had that these guys (and gals) honored my daughter, honored me, by being part of that very special day.  It did require a rabbinic decision from our local Rabbi to make it all possible.  The road to get to this weekend was filled with dangerous curves and other roadblocks which are to be expected any time an event comes together.  For example, one of my guests called me at 6:30AM on Saturday to announce that he and his wife could not attend as their flight was not only delayed, but outright cancelled.  Even that piece of the puzzle was eventually solved, as my good friend and his wife somehow managed to get themselves booked on a previously sold out flight and arrive at the Synagogue just a few short minutes late.  It took a great effort to get there and it was very appreciated.  After weeks and months of my daughter studying for this day, and every once in a while needing a bit of encouragement to study - she did a great job.  She made everyone proud of her - most of all her parents.  The complicated party for the kids was put together by my wife.  It is amazing how many people were involved in putting that 'show' together.  (DJ, dancer, Photo Booth attendant, chocolate fountain attendant, food servers) In the end, it went off without even so much as a hiccup.  I am convinced that each of my daughter's friends had a wonderful time, I am even more convinced that my daughter had a great time.  So, for the first time in, a long, long time - there is not a big event looming in our family calendar.  It appears that this weekend was a dénouement of sorts in our lives.

My mild injury, really only a tightness in my right leg seems to have gotten much better after two days of rest.  As much as I take great pride in exercising almost every day - I also know intellectually that that is not the smartest thing to do. My addictive personality sometimes gets in the way of a more balanced program.  Perhaps, going forward I should start a new streak - this streak should be the number of consecutive weeks where I am sure to rest at least one day.  As of now, I did not exercise at all on Saturday or Sunday.  I am not sure yet, what today, Monday has in store for me...


Your Food Diary For:

Sunday, December 6, 2015

BREAKFAST Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
Steel Cut - Oat Meal 300 54 0 8 0 0
CHERRY VANILLA GRANOLA 360 60 11 8 90 23

660 114 11 16 90 23
Baby Octopus Salad 120 1 5 18 0 0
Frutti Di Mare 90 2 2 16 394 0
Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, 1 cup 140 20 1 15 250 0
Organic Boneless Beef Skirt Steak 187 0 10 22 64 0
Calamari - Fried 150 17 13 29 375 0

687 40 31 100 1,083 0
Van's - blueberry walnut granola clusters 650 95 25 10 150 30
Cheese and Crackers 600 84 24 12 1,980 18

1,250 179 49 22 2,130 48
KAHUNA CRUNCH TRAIL MIX 130 16 8 2 25 10

370 54 14 10 505 14
Totals 2,967 387 104 148 3,808 85
Your Daily Goal 2,220 277 74 112 2,300 83
Remaining -747 -110 -30 -35 -1,507 -1
Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
*You've earned 290 extra calories from exercise today         

       Your Exercise Diary for:

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Cardiovascular Minutes Calories Burned
MFP iOS calorie adjustment Ic_i N/A 290

Daily Total / Goal 1 / 30 290 / 590  
Weekly Total / Goal 646 / 210 12,337 / 4,130


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

total calories consumed 2967 calories
total calories burned (no additional exercise) Not Applicable
total net calories 2967 calories

fitbit day 95
10001 steps

It is probably evident that the fact that my step count for yesterday which was 10001 did not come about by accident.  It was not.  My step count was approximately 7500 around 10:00PM and at this point in my 'fitbit' life, I simply cannot accept that.  I marched in place for about a half hour to get that count up to a number that I could bear to look at.  This is what people who are somewhat unbalanced do.  There is no question - I am somewhat unbalanced.  It is also possible that the word 'somewhat' is not necessary to describe me.



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shoom said...

Consecutive weeks with at least one day of rest. Didn't you do 10 years of that! But I'm not one to show off.