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I, MARC JACOBS, FORMERLY MORBIDLY OBESE, 309 POUND MAN, NO LONGER EXIST. That particular man is dead, and thankfully,  not actually buried.  But he is gone.

I. MARC JACOBS, am CURRENTLY a 209 POUND MAN, and thinking about what 200 pounds might look like...





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It was the fitbit, that guided me through the last lap on the way to a 100 pound weight I will explain...

I found an article, Just How Critical Are the First 100 Days? published by Houghton Mifflin and written by William Lasser.  The article about the first 100 days of a presidential administration appeared to be lifted from a college textbook.  Here were the first two paragraphs.

Every journey starts with a single step, and every presidency begins with the First 100 Days. Ever since 1933, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt used his first three months in office to lay the foundations of the New Deal, the First 100 Days have been seen as a unique moment--the new president's first and perhaps best chance to reshape the nation according to his own agenda and vision.
Success in the First 100 Days, however, has never meant a guarantee of success later. Nor have early difficulties necessarily doomed a presidency to failure or mediocrity. Like the early returns on election night, the First 100 Days will be the subject of great interest and speculation. But they should also be viewed with skepticism, prudence, and caution.

Yesterday, Friday, December 11.  marked the conclusion of my first 100 days as a fitbitter.  Certainly my journey with fitbit, started with a single step (literally!)   And like the first 100 days in the life of a new American president, my first 100 days with the fitbit did offer me a chance to reshape myself according to my own agenda and vision.  I do not enjoy making this admission, but right around the time that I purchased my fitbit on September 3rd, I was starting to lose my focus, I was starting to flounder, and I was starting to dangerously reverse the magnitude of my weight loss accomplishment.  On that Thursday, September 3rd, when I purchased my fitbit, I weighed 226.9 lbs.  On that day, my hike up and down Half Dome in Yosemite was still nearly one month in the future.  Although, I was a regular elliptical machine user, almost always working out for two hours - I had not yet 'discovered' the joys and benefits of walking.  At 226.9 lbs, I was still down a very sizable total of 82 lbs.  (My low point on the scale had been reached on April 25, when the scale reported a weight of 213.9 lbs) I was clearly going, ever so slowly, in the wrong direction.  I purchased the fitbit for one reason.  My brother, our leader up and down Half Dome had just received one for his birthday in late August and he was telling me how much fun it was to own.  I couldn't bear the idea of not having this device on the day that I was going to soon take the longest, most arduous, most dangerous, most amazing hike of my life, ascending 5000 feet and then descending 5000 feet on Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.  Within 12 hours of my brother extolling the benefits of this device, I purchased one too.  IT CHANGED MY LIFE.   AGAIN.

A lot of things have changed my life over the past year. My life has changed so many times in the past twelve months that I am simply not the same person that I was last December.  Who would want to be that person?  Certainly not me. Once I began to adjust my lifestyle, I could not 'weight' to 'bury' the person that I was, and start to enjoy the person that I was becoming.

I became a bit obsessed with my fitbit.  I was slave to it for awhile.  I felt the compulsory need to 'feed' it steps.  I started walking as a mode of transportation, then I started walking as my actual exercise.  I often marched in place at home late at night just to surpass a new round number for the day and earn the next 'badge.'  I started marching in place anywhere and everywhere, when I was waiting around doing nothing.  I was a man in motion.  constant motion.  I think my appetite increased.  I started eating more.  (and not always more healthy, but certainly more)   But a funny thing happened in those first 100 days that concluded yesterday...  I lost 17.9 lbs! I successfully reversed the slow incline of my weight back up the charts and started watching my weight decline again which was the original agenda.  

I am a smart guy (sometimes) and I know that success in the first 100 days is no guarantee of success in the future.  Isn't this what every stock and mutual fund prospectus warns: 

Past Performance is No Guarantee of Future Results

However, when it comes to fitness, a successful first 100 days, is a good place to start.  Today, begins day 101 as a fitbitter.  I wonder where I will be on the scale another 100 days from now.  When I know, you'll know.
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209 lbs

I weigh 209 lbs.
I lost 5.5 lb this week
I have lost 100 lbs in 353 days. Today begins Day 354.
I will always be at the beginning of a journey that never ends.
I weigh 209 lbs (353 days ago I weighed 309 lbs)
I have lost 32.36% of my weight since Dec 24.
I have a BMI, body mass index of 27.96
I had a 42.0 BMI on Dec 24 just 353 days ago (Class III obesity)

After arriving home from Ohio, last night, I headed straight for my local YMCA.  I reacquainted myself with the PRECOR EFX ELLIPTICAL MACHINE.  I knew that at this particular YMCA, I could preset the session or 120 minutes (plus 5 minutes 'cooldown') and that it was I did.  I started, as I always do, moving as fast as I could with both 'resistance' and 'incline' set to MAXIMUM.  I do not think that I had been on this machine for nearly 3 months.  I was concerned whether I could complete the two hours.  I did complete the two hours, and when I was done, I had logged the furthest 'distance' that I had ever logged on this machine with these settings.   THAT FELT GREAT!

Back in the 'old days' (prior to my newly discovered love of walking) I used to often log 10 miles on the elliptical machine and wonder what that really meant.  DID IT MEAN THAT I COULD ACTUALLY WALK 10 MILES IN TWO HOURS? I never really believed it...that is, until I started doing precisely just that.

Your Food Diary For:

Friday, December 11, 2015

BREAKFAST Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
KELLOGGS - RAISIN BRAN (dry cereal, no milk), 4 cup 760 184 4 20 840 72

760 184 4 20 840 72
WHOLE FOODS 5938 - UNSWEETENED BANANA CHIPS, 34.5 g (1/4 cup) 195 18 11 2 6 1
Macintosh Small - Apple Small, 2 small apple (100g) 100 28 0 0 2 20
Nature Valley - Oats n Dark Chocolate 2015, 2 bars 190 29 8 3 150 12

485 75 20 6 158 33
Jason's Deli - SPICY SEAFOOD GUMBO, 1 Bowl 230 26 8 12 1,710 3
Jason's Deli - Turkey Wrap, 1 Wrap 390 42 17 23 1,080 5

620 68 25 35 2,790 8
WHOLE FOODS 8738 - DRIED MANGO SLICES, 40 g (approx 6 pieces) 110 28 0 2 1 20
WHOLE FOODS 8890 - STRAWBERRY VANILLA HEMP GRANOLA, 55 g (3/4 cup) 250 40 8 5 60 15

360 68 8 7 61 35
Totals 2,225 395 57 68 3,849 148
Your Daily Goal 3,419 427 114 171 2,300 128
Remaining 1,194 31 57 103 -1,548 -20
Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
*You've earned 1,489 extra calories from exercise today         


       Your Exercise Diary for:

Friday, December 11, 2015

Cardiovascular Minutes Calories Burned
MFP iOS calorie adjustment Ic_i N/A -213

Daily Total / Goal 126 / 30 1,489 / 590  
Weekly Total / Goal 392 / 210 4,756 / 4,130

total calories consumed 2225 calories
total calories burned (125 minutes elliptical) 1702 calories
total net calories 523 calories

fitbit day 100
11927 steps

My AchievementsLifetime
2,918,107 steps
total lifetime steps
Could I have really lost 5.5 pounds this week?  I know I did eat less than I have been eating for weeks... I also know that I did exercise a bit less than I have in recent weeks.  Last night, I was on the elliptical machine from 7:40PM until 9:45PM.  I did not have any bulky food  or snack  afterwards.  In fact, I did not have a big bulky meal yesterday at all.  I did drink plenty of water during and after my workout.  So, I am trying to convince myself that this is real.  And if next week, I hop onto the scale and it reads 212 lbs, I know not to go into panic mode... It just would qualify as the normal fluctuations in weight that a person can experience, often from one day to the next...  I know that I have been losing weight, I feel it the skinny tan colored jeans that I wore all week. The same jeans that required some major contortions to wear during the summer...  Now, they fit comfortably and (I cannot believe that I am saying this) loosely.  They require a belt!

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