Friday, October 16, 2015


Since my MARATHON and additional 10+ mile WALKING on Sunday, I have not had a traditional workout.  I have not had a long bike ride or a long walk.  I have not been on an elliptical machine.  I am starting to feel badly about this.  Two nights ago, when I spent 10+ minutes running in place in the guest room of my friend's house where I was staying, I developed a new pain in my calves. Last night  in Rolla, Missouri is once again was running in place for about 10 minutes prior to midnight just so that I could get my step total to get over 10000 for the day.  This only exacerbated the pain in t my calves. My afternoon appointment selling buttons, trims and fabrics became a 'marathon' sales call as I arrived at an account in Rolla at 2:30PM and did not leave the store until 11:30PM.  Whatever plans I had to try to squeeze in a workout were scuttled by my schedule.   Before I leave Rolla today, I am going to take a one hour walk around town, to get in a true workout and to enjoy the sights and sounds of Rolla, Missouri.

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 Thursday MENU
breakfast  CANTALOUPE, toast w/button & jam, wasabi crackers, mango slices, banana chips, two apples, yogurt almonds                                         1332 calories
lunch    Wasabi Rice Crackers, coconut chips                                     825 calories
dinner   Pizza Hut Pizza                                                                      1200 calories    


Perhaps it looks silly that I write calories burned for the day was Zero.  What I mean is that I did not burn many more additional calories over and above the calories burned based on my Basal Metabolic Rate.

Basal Metabolic Rate is the number of calories one burns if one stayed in bed all day.

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THURSday net calories 3358 calories

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fitbit day 43

10093 steps
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