Monday, October 5, 2015


From the trail head at Yosemite, there is a sign that indicates that the hike to Half Dome is 8.2 miles.  Simple math means that from this particular sign, the roundtrip is 16.4 miles.  On Sunday in Chicago, I took a walk.  I walked for 225 minutes (three hours, forty five minutes) and I walked 16.53 miles according to MapMyWalk application.  I was walking a brisk pace... I stopped ever so briefly to snap a few pictures and once to tie by sneaker laces.  The application indicated that I burned 3104 calories.  This was a real workout.  I really did travel 16.53 miles.   The Fitbit recorded that I ascended a total of 21 floors.  This contrasts with the 563 floors that the Fitbit recorded at Half Dome. 

CONCLUSION:  All miles are not created equal!

As all people who understand geometry know - The shortest distance between two  points is a straight line.  My goal yesterday was not to travel the shortest distance from Point A to Point B.  In fact, my goal was to take the longest possible route to get from anywhere to anywhere else.  My goal was to log miles.  I was successful.  When this 225 minute walk was completed, I had travelled 16.5 miles.  My average pace was 13:36 minutes per mile.  This was not a simple walk in the park.  This was a genuine workout.  Ironically, it was a walk in the park.


Many of my workouts since last January were either on the treadmill, the elliptical, the stairmaster, and even emergency exit staircases.  One thing I did not do was spend to much time outdoors.  Once I rediscovered by bicycle last month, I rediscovered the joy of being outside.  So much more to see, and to experience.  Sure, it is true that it is more difficult to watch Netflix when walking outdoors - but not all of life should be experienced via subscription television.  I took a few pictures yesterday, which I felt like sharing...

It is not too likely to see a Rhino at the YMCA working out indoors - much easier to spot at Lincoln Park Zoo

It is ironic that we saw no bears in Yosemite, but I saw this one at home in Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo.

a study in black & white on the lakefront

I think strong winds and waves in Chicago two days ago stranded this fish on the beach before the Seagulls got to him.

Lakefront Trail closed?  That's gotta be a recommendation.  (A recommendation that I ignored)

I tried to explain my problems to Dr Hartley (Bob Newhart Show) - he just sat there like a statue like he wasn't listening.

The gondolas really were removed immediately from Chicago's iconic ferris wheel as planned

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 Sunday MENU

breakfast    double portion steel cut oatmeal                                   600 calories
lunch          whole grain rice cakes, red delicious apple, mango     575 calories
dinner        SPINACH SALAD, Chabad Holiday Dinner               944 calories
SNACK     7 L'CHAIMs                                                                 490 calories

total calories consumed 2609 calories                                                              
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


3 hour, 45 minute walk 16.5 MILES                   3104 CALORIES

Monday net calories 495 calorie DEFECIT

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  
fitbit day 32
31356 steps
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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