Saturday, September 19, 2015


Yesterday I stopped at a Walmart in order to purchase my favorite zero calorie drink: CLEAR AMERICAN PINEAPPLE COCONUT.  As I pulled into the lot I instinctively started driving around looking for a 'good' parking spot.   While I was doing this, it dawned on me that getting out of the car for a few minutes would be one of the few opportunities I was going to have to stretch my legs and log some steps.  While I was cruising around looking for the perfect parking spot close to the front door - I reversed my goal and drove to the part of the lot the furthest away from the front door. It's a little thing, but if I can continue to make these micro-decisions as many times as possible during the course of a day, week, month, year and lifetime....The benefits will surely accrue. I just have to remember to stop looking for the closest spot. It will be modestly difficult as Old Habits Die Hard.

As I think about the various changes in my lifestyle that I have made over the past 9 months - I do come to the realization that I have I have ended many poor habits and and that I have successfully inaugurated quite a few good habits, for example, my habit of daily exercise replaced the old habit of no exercise.

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225.4 lbs

I weigh 225.4 lbs.
I lost 1.2 lbs this week
I have lost 83.6 lbs in 269 days. Today begins Day 270.
I will always be at the beginning of a journey that never ends.
I weigh 225.4 (269 days ago I weighed 309 lbs)
I have lost 27.0% of my weight since Dec 24.
I have a BMI, body mass index of 30.15 
I had a 42.0 BMI on Dec 24 just 269 days ago (Class III obesity)

I have 2 words of MOTIVATION for myself today: HALF DOME

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Friday MENU

breakfast   fuji apples, granola, banana chips, cashews, Dang Coconut   1460 calories
lunch         SUBWAY 9-GRAIN WHEAT ROAST BEEF, apples              830 calories
dinner       popped caramel corn, red delicious apples                                 865 calories

total calories consumed 3156 calories

calories burned
YMCA PRECOR elliptical machine 125 minutes              1707  calories

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fitbit day 16
13393 steps

I think that this was my lowest step count since I became a 'fitbitter' as I spent about 5 hours driving.  Although I did go to my local YMCA yesterday, I chose to drive as the forecast was for heavy rains.  Compared to bicycling - driving is the slow way to travel within the city.

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