Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Today is Wednesday September 16th.  Two weeks from today I will ALREADY be in California and in a van with 6 other guys heading to Yosemite Park to climb Half-Dome.   With two weeks to go, it is way too late to train to get much better prepared... Now is the time to stay unhurt and and continue to train at a pace to maintain my strength and stamina.  It is unlikely that I will improve much between now and two weeks from now.   Last week I actually climbed 400 flights of stairs in one day and this raised my confidence level to new heights (no pun intended.)   The downside of that accomplishment was that on the very next day, I did not feel the energy to climb even one flight of stairs.   No matter... That is all a distant memory now.

I checked the weather in Yosemite this week (a full two weeks prior to our trip) and it seems that the low temperatures are already reaching down to 30 degrees fahrenheit.   During the course of the day, the temperatures climb back up in the mid seventies.   I am guessing that through most of the hike - being cold will not be the problem.

Two weeks from today I will be checking into the Yosemite Lodge at the Falls with my group.  I don't know if we will have the opportunity to eat at the Mountain Room Restaurant (depicted below)  or not.... It does appear that this is going to be a beautiful place to stay, although I am not anticipating any late night partying as our expedition will surely be underway by 6:00AM

Mountain Room Restaurant at Yosemite Lodge at the Falls

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 Tuesday MENU

breakfast oatmeal, center cut bacon, poached eggs, ginger, mango       740 calories
lunch       spinach salad, asparagus, tomato, clam chowder, crackers    551 calories
dinner      apples, granola, mango, beef jerky, date pieces                    1493 calories
SNACK  DANG TOASTED COCONUT, cocoa choice chips              705 calories

total calories consumed     3489 calories                                                              
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YMCA PRECOR EFX elliptical 120 minutes, manual setting
level 20 resistance, level 20 incline                      1683 calories


TUESday net calories  calories

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fitbit weekly stats...
This is a nice email to receive when one is active... I can imagine that it would be real annoying after a highly inactive week...  My plan... Try to avoid inactive weeks.

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fitbit day 13
20303 steps

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