Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Yom Kippur is the holiest day in the Jewish Calendar.  It is the Day of Atonement.  It is a day when Jews ask forgiveness from others.  It is a day of fasting.  I finished eating dinner last night at sunset and the fast ends 24 hours later after sunset on the following day. For those who fast, this means no food and no water. One cannot (or certainly should not) try to eat an extra large meal before the fast begins. I have long ago figured out that that was a silly idea.  So yesterday, Tuesday, I had 'normal' meals. (normal for me, that is.)   After my very enthusiastic physical activities on Monday, I was a sore in the morning, and had some difficulty just walking.  As the day progressed, the soreness dissipated and virtually vanished. After my afternoon appointment I still managed to spend 60 minutes on the ELLIPTICAL MACHINE in my building.  Restricting my workout to 'only' 60 minutes was my way of taking it easy for the day. Today is a day when our family will go to Shul (Synagogue) and as it appears that the weather is cooperative - my intention is to walk home the 6.5 miles after services.  Religious Jews refrain from driving on Yom Kipper - so my authentic religious experience will be restricted to my walk home after driving to Shul.

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 Tuesday MENU

breakfast oatmeal, center cut bacon, scramble eggs, 
                popped caramel corn, two gala apples                             1157 calories
lunch       corn snack, wasabi, granola, date pieces, two apples       1130 calories
dinner      seafood, spinach salad, OREO cookies                              820 calories

total calories consumed     3107 calories                                                              
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STAR TRAC elliptical 62 minutes, manual, level 20   1520 calories


TUESday net calories 1587 calories

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fitbit day 20
12657 steps
On Monday, my steps were over 50,000.  When I awoke on Tuesday morning, my first few steps were not so easy....It took until the early afternoon when my body worked out all the 'kinks' and by late afternoon I felt as good as new!
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My daughter accompanied me to the exercise room yesterday afternoon - what a nice treat!
My daughter spent a few minutes trying out the elliptical machine
I was pleased that I summoned the energy (& desire) to fit in
an exercise session after Monday's 40 mile bike ride -
I had neither the energy (or the desire) when the day started.

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