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If you have had even a modest interest in the presidential primaries, especially on the Republican side... You might have heard some of the candidates speak the term 'anchor baby'.  I lifted this definition of 'anchor baby.' directly from wikipedia. 
Anchor baby is a pejorative term for a child born in the U.S. to a foreign national mother who is not lawfully admitted for permanent residence. The term is generally used as a derogatory reference to the supposed role of the child, who automatically qualifies as an American citizen under jus soli and the rights guaranteed in the 14th Amendment and can thus act as a sponsor for other family members. The term is also often used in the context of the debate over illegal immigration to the United States to refer to children of illegal immigrants, but may be used for the child of any immigrant.
Donald Trump has ostensibly been the most vocal (and radical) opponent of illegal immigration. I am somewhat horrified that he is leading the Republican field. Why are so-called conservatives rallying around this guy? Why do they trust him? The answers to these questions have thus far been elusive.

Nevertheless, it should come as now surprise to anyone that I am against illegal immigration. Honestly, I cannot understand how anyone could be for illegal immigration. I do not understand why some people think that the United States does not have the right to limit immigration.  I would argue that the United States has the obligation to limit immigration, as is the right and obligation of every sovereign nation on the planet. As you should be able to surmise, I am against those that come to this country with the idea of creating an anchor baby. I guess you can say that there is one exception and that would be my own child. Of course, my child was not an 'anchor baby' as defined above. However, my daughter did accompany me on a 5 mile walk downtown. Our hike detoured to the end of Navy Pier in Chicago. My daughter was gracious enough to pose for this photo at the tip of Navy Pier while sitting on the anchor from the U.S.S. Chicago.
Many 'fitbitters' try to get their minimum of 10,000 steps each day.  This is said to be the equivalent of 5 miles.  I have accomplished this all but a handful of days since I purchased my fitbit on September 3, 2015. During the winter months, my step count has seldom risen much above 15,000.  This past weekend I returned to the great outdoors. Yesterday I started my day with a 10 mile walk to Whole Foods just to purchase a couple of snacks. Whole foods is approximately 1.5 miles from my home.  I turned that 1.5 mile walk into a 10 mile walk. Then I walked home. Later in the day, I walked 5 miles with my daughter. I noticed that my step count was as high as it had been for many weeks - that inspired me to spend an additional 90 minutes on the elliptical machine.  When the day ended, my step count was 45,022.  It was the first time in nearly two months that I had accumulated so many steps in one day. I am sure that there will be a few more days in the coming spring and summer days when I approach and/or surpass this number. That's the plan. My all-time daily record for steps is 75,029. That was accomplished on the day that I 'walked' the Chicago Marathon on October 11 last year.

The actual distance from the starting point (GREEN DOT) to Whole Foods (RED DOT) is only 1.5 miles. I did not walk there in the most direct way.  My trip was 10 miles, and the trip took 2 hours and 4.5 minutes.


Your Food Diary For:

Sunday, February 21, 2016
BREAKFAST Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
steel cut oatmeal - steel cut oat meal, 1 cup 600 108 10 20 0 4
Bananas - Two 240 41 0 2 2 30

840 149 10 22 2 34
Campbell's -Philly- Cheesesteak Soup 300 24 18 12 1,580 4
Jewel - Sensational Seafood Salad 285 14 21 14 720 5
Nabisco Original Cracker, 15 crackers 210 36 5 3 405 0

795 74 44 29 2,705 9
Roasted Turkey Leg, With Skin, 1 Leg 192 0 6 32 90 0
Chili Homemade - Chili 380 53 5 27 0 0
Whole Foods Classic Deli Pasta, 4 oz                      220 19 16 3 390 2

792 72 28 63 480 2
DATE PIECES 360 90 0 3 30 66
Whole Foods - Banana Chips 300 34 20 2 0 20

660 124 20 5 30 86
Totals 3,087 419 101 119 3,217 131
Your Daily Goal 6,537 817 218 327 2,300 245
Remaining 3,450 398 116 208 -917 114
Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
*You've earned 4,607 extra calories from exercise today         

Your Exercise Diary for:

Sunday, February 21, 2016
Cardiovascular Minutes Calories Burned
Walking, 5.0 mph 125 2,101
Walking, 4.5 mph, very, very brisk pace 27 378
Walking, 4.0 mph, very brisk pace 72 901
MFP iOS calorie adjustment Ic_i N/A -240

Daily Total / Goal 317 / 30 4,607 / 590  
Weekly Total / Goal 1156 / 210 18,053 / 4,130             

total calories consumed 3087 calories
total calories burned (walking, elliptical) 4847 calories
total net 1760 calorie defecit
. . . . . . . . . . .  

fitbit day 172
45022 steps  
. . . . . . . ..
This is from the Navy Pier website:

This 8-ton anchor installed on Navy Pier in 1995 was from the U.S.S. Chicago, the third ship to bear the name Chicago. Funded by the citizens of Chicago and completed in 1945, U.S.S. Chicago was classified as a heavy cruiser and later converted to a guided missile cruiser. She saw action in World War II, Korea and Vietnam and received several commendations before she was dismantled in 1984. In August 2012, former sailors who served aboard the U.S.S. Chicago and reconnected through social media, came to the Pier to restore the ship’s anchor back to its original color.

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