Wednesday, April 27, 2016


It is very possible that I am being overdramatic about my surgery. Yesterday I passed the last hurdle that was gnawing at me. I returned to my family doctor on Monday for my blood chemistry test, EKG and physical exam which was required by the surgeon prior to surgery. I was nervous about one issue. I was anticipating one possible problem that had the potential to delay the surgery. Last spring when my anemia was discovered, I spent the the summer visiting a gastroenterologist who seemingly tried very hard to find some cancerous, life-threatening explanation for my iron deficiency. After a series of procedures (for example, a colonoscopy) and tests which actually included a full-body cat scan - nothing was found to explain the deficiency. This seemed not to bother the gastroenterologist one bit and no explanation for the deficiency was ever offered. As I wrote at the time, I needed to be thankful to God that I didn't have some life-threatening problem. I admitted that I wondered why God found it necessary for me to spend $5000 to discover that I was healthy, which is what I thought I was before the anemia was discovered. Nevertheless, on a followup visit with my family doctor, I was given a prescription to take iron pills. I might have done a far better job following this course of action had the pills not been required to be taken three times per day with each meal. Not only was it an annoyance, but one evening at dinner one of the pills got lodged in my throat. Apparently a 325mg ferrous sulfate tablet does not slide down the esophagus with the carefree ease of a butterscotch hard candy. My throat was irritated for nearly 12 hours after this, and I was coughing with great irritation the whole night that this happened. This cured me of my desire to accept the advice of my doctor and take iron pills. I never even finished the first month supply of these pills. I effectively took myself off the iron pills during September of 2015. 

So, fast forward to yesterday. Since I had not followed the advice of my doctor to take iron pills, there was the chance that if I was still iron deficient, that I might not be approved for surgery. It was a nice happy surprise that my blood work came back with my iron levels back to where they belonged. The  current advice of my doctor is to DISCONTINUE THE FERROUS SULFATE TABLETS WHICH I WASN'T TAKING ANYWAY. Consider it done!  The bottom line - I am good to go. Ready to be anesthetized on Friday morning, cut up a bit, patched up a bit more and sent on my way with my hernia issue resolved. I am looking forward to Friday, in that I cannot start mending until I get past the laparoscopic outpatient surgery that awaits me. In the calm before the storm, the persistent pain that I had been feeling is currently gone and on Monday and Tuesday I was able to walk on the treadmill for a full hour. This resurgence of the ability to exercise at all is about to be cut short on Friday morning for at least a week or so. For the next two days, I will enjoy my treadmill hour just a little bit more than usual.


Your Food Diary For:

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

BREAKFAST Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
Omelette - Ham and Cheese 400 1 30 40 1,225 0
Instant Oatmeal - Original 300 57 6 12 225 0

700 58 36 52 1,450 0
Homemade - Crockpot Pot Roast 500 0 9 24 454 0
Manischewitz - Matzah, 2 Matzah 200 42 0 6 0 0
Roundy's - Peanut Butter- Creamy 360 16 30 14 280 6
New England Clam Chowder Soup, 2 cup       360 36 20 10 1,780 2

1,420 94 59 54 2,514 8
Homemade - Crockpot Pot Roast 500 0 9 24 454 0
HUGE SPINACH SALAD 250 0 0 0 0 0

750 0 9 24 454 0
Apples - Apples, 2 medium apple 160 44 0 0 0 32

160 44 0 0 0 32
Totals 3,030 196 104 130 4,419 40
Your Daily Goal 2,213 276 73 111 2,300 83
Remaining -817 80 -31 -19 -2,118 43
Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
*You've earned 283 extra calories from exercise today         

After a one month break - I was able to use the treadmill for two consecutive days for one hour each. 




verb (used with object), anesthetized, anesthetizing.
1. to render physically insensible, as by an anesthetic.

I get a kick out of this definition. On Friday I am going to be rendered physically insensible.


Thinking of being cleared for takeoff, reminded me of this dialogue from the hilarious 1970's movie, Airplane!

Roger Murdock: Flight 2-0-9'er, you are cleared for take-off.
Captain Oveur: Roger!
Tower voice: L.A. departure frequency, 123 point 9'er.
Captain Oveur: Roger!
Victor Basta: Request vector, over.
Tower voice: Flight 2-0-9'er cleared for vector 324.
Roger Murdock: We have clearance, Clarence.
Captain Oveur: Roger, Roger. What's our vector, Victor?
Tower voice: Tower's radio clearance, over!
Captain Oveur: That's Clarence Oveur. Over.
Tower voice: Over.
Captain Oveur: Roger.
Tower voice: Roger, over!
I sincerely hope that the banter in the operation room on Friday morning is a bit less confusing among the surgeon, and his assistants...

* * * * * 


shoom said...

I remember that night. Not even lechayim could wash it down. Good luck with the surgery!

Marc Jacobs said...

You are a good friend. Thank you for your well wishes!